In the automotive industry, a consumers’ perception towards a particular product, service, experience or a brand is not only based on the actual previous experiences, but is also conditioned on various other factors such as price, quality and after-sales service. Brand recall and recognition, manufacturers’ reputation, showroom experience, worker staffs’ association, quality of parts packaging etc., also play a vital role. Until and unless the organization learns about all these factors, there cannot be a successful chord between the company and the end-customer.

Being the 4th largest industry in the word, the Indian automotive industry comprising of design, development, manufacture, market or sell motor vehicles, involve a large supply chain management, which need to be carefully analyzed and worked through. The auto industry gets divided into four major verticals, namely Two-Wheelers, Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Three-Wheelers. With an overall automobile export business accounting to a 21% and domestic business accounting to a 13% year-on-year increase during the financial year 2018, India is standing at the verge of massive opportunities in terms of Automobiles. However in 2019, with slowdown in the industry, major issues such as difficulty in getting loans, uncertainties around the BS6 emission standards and diesel vehicles, then the Uber-Ola perspective where convenience points as an important factor in consumers’ mind, traffic problems and second hand car services picking up pace act as issues which need to be taken care of while bringing a product, service or advertisement to the market. Keeping all these facets into mind, our Market Research, Mystery shopping, Strategy and consultancy services will help you grow in your product portfolio and the goal of making your consumer happy.