With one of the world’s largest populations in the world and more than 50% of its population below the age of 25, India is a growing market for global Education in the country. With increasing regional and foreign language education, innovative and digital learning platforms, organizations in the Education sector are looking for the right target audience to carve their niche. The Indian Education Sector is divided into two basic sectors – Private and Public; Public taking care of Central and State Government Schools and Higher educational Institutions, whereas Private taking care of Pre-Schools, Coaching Institutions, Multimedia Schools, Vocational Training Centers and Education material supply chain apart from its regular Schools and Higher educational institutions.

In the education industry, there is a requirement to understand the perception and attitudes of the institutions’ administration, faculties, students, education equipment manufacturers and other demand and supply chain touch-points. There are innovative and distinctive changes or additions of a service, product or equipment and the entire macro-micro environment surrounding the institutions that are being developed year-on-year. Also, with Digital Education transfer and E-learning mediums, reach to the target masses increases manifolds; thus our thorough Market Research, Business Development and Strategic Consultancy services will enable relevant information on your requirements, consumer attitudes and perspectives for the supply (hospitals), demand (patients), other supply chain management (medium) points, and recommendations for the way ahead.