Healthcare industry today comprising of hospitals, clinics, telemedicine, health insurance, medical tourism, medical equipment and supplies is currently seeing a paradigm shift in how treatments are done today, which medicines and equipment to use, how technology can be developed in both urban and rural geographies. Healthcare is one of the India’s largest growing sectors in terms of revenue as well as employment. Healthcare service system gets divided into two major segments – public and private; where public healthcare, i.e. Government hospitals and clinics, in the form of primary healthcare centers (PHCs) are set up more for the rural population all across the country, many times giving free benefits to the public as well. Whereas private healthcare centers are mostly set up in tier I and II cities and deal with more of secondary and tertiary treatment for the public. 

With India seeking to be listed amongst the top 3 healthcare markets in the world, its diagnostic and healthcare centres drive one of the highest FDI numbers in the country. With better investment policies, tax benefits, favourable Government Initiatives and the right technology, new medical institutions are being sanctioned currently, thereby pointing at India’s growing stability in the healthcare industry.

Today’s technology is growing manifolds in order to develop better and accurate medicine, medical equipment, and sensitization amongst the public of pros and cons of almost everything. Understanding the hospital, doctor and patient psyche is an eternal aspect to establish a free-flowing network of wellness programs. Thus, our thorough Market Research, Business Development and Strategic Consultancy services will enable relevant information on your requirements, consumer attitudes and perspectives for the supply (hospitals), demand (patients) and supply chain management (medium) side, and recommendations for the way ahead.

Along with policy support, strong demand, attractive opportunities and increasing manpower in the healthcare sector, there are continuous developments and transitions in the diseases, equipment, medicine requirement, expansion to other geographies, technology such as mobile healthcare and applications, convenience or home healthcare and consumer perceptions, all of which needs to be tapped and tracked down, for our Clients to work through it.

Our services would enable you to understand the differentiated and diversified business approaches, innovative product reactions from the end consumers, competitor landscape and mergers, where does your focus need to be placed, how to balance out the demand touch-points and many more.