Meet Our Team

We work cohesively and collaboratively to achieve our end goals. The Consultancy and Market Research Segments in Combine Ways have been co-founded by Mr. Rakesh Malik and Ms. Ritika Malik. We, as Business Associates and Market Research Consultants have a large stable network of suppliers all across the country to carry out quantitative and qualitative projects. Our completely efficient and trusted teams work alongside each other for accurate solutions.


Mr. Rakesh Malik

With over 32+ years of work experience in market consultancy & business development in numerous industries, the founder member of Combine Ways, Mr. Rakesh Malik will be a key constituent in strategizing the way ahead for the Clients.

An integral member of the ICT department of India, he has managed global projects for various countries, and has previously been associated with companies such as Ericsson, Siemens, Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel Lucent.


Ms. Ritika Malik

As the founder member of Market Research segment at Combine Ways, Ms. Ritika Malik will be managing end-to-end MR projects and providing strategic expertise to the Clients.

With over 7+ years of work experience, and having managed global MR projects for countries like India, USA, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Dubai, Singapore etc. in numerous industries, she has previously been associated with companies such as IBM, The Research Pacific Group and Chaos Global.