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In the automotive industry, a consumers’ perception towards a particular product, service, experience or a brand is not only based on the actual previous experiences, but is also conditioned on various other factors such as price, quality and after-sales service. Brand recall and recognition, manufacturers’ reputation, showroom experience, worker staffs’ association, quality of parts packaging etc., also play a vital role. Until and unless the organization learns about all these factors, there cannot be a successful chord between the company and the end-customer. Being the 4th largest industry in the word, the Indian automotive industry comprising of design, development, manufacture, market or sell motor vehicles, involve a large supply chain management, which need to be carefully analyzed and worked through..…Read More


With one of the world’s largest populations in the world and more than 50% of its population below the age of 25, India is a growing market for global Education in the country. With increasing regional and foreign language education, innovative and digital learning platforms, organizations in the Education sector are looking for the right target audience to carve their niche. The Indian Education Sector is divided into two basic sectors – Private and Public; Public taking care of Central and State Government Schools and Higher educational Institutions, whereas Private taking care of Pre-Schools, Coaching Institutions, Multimedia Schools, Vocational Training Centers and Education material supply chain apart from its regular Schools and Higher educational.…Read More

FMCG & Agriculture

Fast Moving Consumer Goods or Consumer Packaged Goods is the 4th largest sector in the Indian economy and involves products that can be purchased at low costs. Since FMCG products have a shorter shelf life, they are sold very quickly thereby resulting in higher consumer demand. Many a times, these products are sold in larger volumes with low margins. FMCG industry ranging from Foods and Beverages, Home and Personal Care to others such as Cigarettes etc., get further sub-divided into segments such as processed foods, dry goods, prepared meals, over-the-counter products, confectionery, snacks etc. for Foods and Beverages whereas for Home and Personal Care, segments include products such as household cleaners, skin care, hair care, toiletries, cosmetics etc…Read More


Healthcare industry today comprising of hospitals, clinics, telemedicine, health insurance, medical tourism, medical equipment and supplies is currently seeing a paradigm shift in how treatments are done today, which medicines and equipment to use, how technology can be developed in both urban and rural geographies. Healthcare is one of the India’s largest growing sectors in terms of revenue as well as employment. Healthcare service system gets divided into two major segments – public and private; where public healthcare, i.e. Government hospitals and clinics, in the form of primary healthcare centers (PHCs) are set up more for the rural population all across the country, many times giving free benefits as to the public as well…Read More

Infrastructure & Utilities

Effective development of infrastructure and working of utilities are key drivers of growth in the Indian economy. To be able to understand the Government initiatives and policies, and how do they affect the development of infrastructure such as roads, railway lines, airports, ports, telecommunication, radio communication and working of utilities such as energy, power, irrigation and water maintenance, waste management to name a few, it is very essential to know about the opportunities and disparities before going ahead to develop products and services in the industry. In order to work and develop innovative products and services in this industry, formulating a link between your unique selling points and government initiatives act as the key modules..…Read More

IT & Telecom

One of the most important factors to determine the target market in technology and telecommunication sectors is the technological advancement as per the geographies and its understanding amongst the end beneficiaries – businesses or individuals. Technology is growing manifolds today, and to be able to handle technology at such a fast rate is what the businesses need to comprehend today. India accounts for more than 50% market share of the US global sourcing business which means there is an abundant market waiting to be explored in the technology domain for India. Digital industry is another growing instrument to understand todays’ business and customer…Read More